The seeds of  Mix Tape Radio International were planted

whilst  Tom and John were both on Phoenix Radio UK 

An internet station run by Mick Woods.

Great Days!


Mix Tape Radio International is more a club than a run of the mill web based radio station. We are very concious of the international nature of web broadcasting, our club extends to all people irrespective of you graphic location, culture or language. Currently we are pleased to represent Four languages, Six time zones, and  Eight countries.

Australia, South Africa, The United States of America, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, The Republic of Ireland, and Jamaica.

We are proud of what has been achieved BUT are constantly looking for a wider representation -  join  the international club that is MixTape Radio International or MTRI  for short.

8 flag logoCapture.JPG

Working with others.

Here at MTRI we suport two charities.

One based in Frome and the other in South Africa.

To learn more about these two worthy causes please follow the links to the relevant pages where you can read about the work they do and the very human stories that go with them.

They are:  Go Blue For Lucia and Khanya Hospice.

We hope you will take the oportunity to support them.


Mission statement for Mix Tape Radio International

We are a club of independent radio presenters, gathering together under one banner to inform and entertain our listeners. Using as many technologies as we can to bring us closer to you.


We stand for independence and fairness. We are real people with real passion for bringing you real radio.


We encourage diversity in program content as well as nationality, Your music in Your language or any language you like. If music is not your bag, music reviews, movie reviews, literature-based shows, travel, ...

Come to us with your ideas and we are sure we can work with you.

We are at the very core a global brother (and sister) hood.

We have a studio  in the Frome England, as well as one in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Tom and I prefer to call ourselves Founding Members, which is afterall, far more acurate.

Gelsenkirchen, a city in the North Rhine-Westphalia State, is the base for the one half of our operation, overseen by : Thomas and his wife Andrea.

The other half is in Frome, Somerset and comprises of : John, and his wife Janet.