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Variations on a Theme



Eleanor Talbot

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1) Honkystomp: Get a Haircut, Get A Job
2) Nina Simone: Black is the Colour of My True Love’s Hair
3) Led Zeppelin: The Girl I Love, She Got Long Black Wavy Hair
4) America: Sister Golden Hair
5) Girlpool: Cut Your Bangs
6) Justin Timberlake: Hair Up
7) Prince: She’s Always In My Hair
8) The Beatles: Lend Me Your Comb
9) The Lumineers: Flowers In Your Hair
10) INXS: Suicide Blonde
11) Beastie Boys: Mullethead
12) Milo: Almost Cut My Hair (for Crosby)
13) Beck: Devil’s Haircut
14) Jessy Lanza: Pull My Hair Back
15) Nirvana: Hairspray Queen
16) DeVotchKa: Death By Blond
17) Shannen Moser: Haircut Song
18) Methyl Ethel: Ubu
19) The Connection: Get A Haircut
20) Working For A Nuclear Free City: Get A F**king Haircut
21) Pretenders: Don’t Cut Your Hair
22) D-A-D: I Won’t Cut My Hair
23) Har Mar Superstar: Haircut
24) Maggie Rogers: Alaska
25) Hellogoodbye: When We First Met
26) Rush: I Think I’m Going Bald

Born into middle-class squalor in Ireland, the youngest of five girls, I was my parent’s last chance to create perfection.

Tiring of rain-soaked greenery, my parents decided a change of environment was needed, so we headed to the north Highlands of Scotland, which proves my parents had an odd sense of irony.

Hoping that the gold-paved streets of Canada would offer solace, we packed up and went west. We arrived in Calgary, Alberta just in time for the recession of 1981.

It was in Canada that I developed my love of music as the winters are very long and nothing beats the blues like a jaunty tune.

I even took a foray into being in a band. We performed world music with a rumba flamenca infusion and for a brief moment, we lived the dream.

Working in industries as diverse as oil & gas, architecture & interior design, Family Law and healthcare, I learned that despite our differences, we still need coffee to function.

Upon entering my dotage, I returned to the UK, single, flat broke and none the wiser…

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