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MTRI Playlist

MTRI Playlist

MON O1:OO 1 Hr
MON O3:OO 1 Hr
MON O6:OO 1 Hr
MON O9:OO 1 Hr
MON 13:OO 1 Hr
MON 15:OO 1 Hr
MON 19:OO 1 Hr
WED O2:OO 2 Hr
WED O5:OO 1 Hr
WED O8:OO 1 Hr
WED 15:OO 1 Hr
WED 18:OO 1 Hr
WED 23:OO 1 Hr
THU O5:OO 3 Hr
THU 15:OO 1 Hr
THU 23:OO 1 Hr
FRI O3:OO 5 Hr
FRI 11:OO 3 Hr
FRI 18:OO 1 Hr
SUN 05:00 1 Hr


All times are UK
Duration in Hrs
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Random Our rotation

To see how you can influance the random song picker - Go to the "Request" tab. Or if on a phone, the menue box and then select "Request"