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Country Mile

Country Mile


David Watkins

All times are UK
Duration in Hrs
Live shows



Gus Clark - Some Of My Songs
Bradley Banning - Texan
Shenandoah with the Zac Brown Band - I'd Take Another One Of Those
India Ramey - Debutante Ball
Bella White - Not To Blame
Jon Wolfe - Heart To Steel Tonight
Our Man In The Field - Easy Going Smile
David Grier Band - Panhandle Country ++
Alan Bibey & Grasstowne - Hitchhiking To California ++
Jarrod Morris - West Of East
Adam Warner - 4 Square Miles
Kyle Killgore - Livin' On The Run
Tennessee Jet - Someone To You
Shane Owens - Everybody Dies But Not Everybody Lives
Tori Martin - What Would Dolly Do?

++ = Bluegrass Double Play

Dave first got into radio with a move to Frome and then finding the local community station in 2010, where he started with a sports show initially. In 2011, Blues Train started, later turning into Blues & Roots and this had a very successful run until 2016, when he left the station. Frome FM is where he found John Walton and the link continued when MTRI was formed.
The Country Mile fully launched in January 2017 and has since grown almost by the week and is now heard worldwide. The show plays all new release music and features mainly independent artists. It's based around the more traditional side of Country, Honky Tonk, Bluegrass, Outlaw, Western and Ameripolitan music.
Dave also contributes reviews to Country Music People magazine, the most respected of its kind over the last fifty years. He also does occasional articles for Think Country and Country Evolution websites.