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Big Jerry's Truckstop

Big Jerry's Truckstop


Gerald Forest

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playlist # 92
1.Dave Dudley...I want a woman with a handle
2.Red Simpson...Runaway truck
3.Del Reeves...Looking at the world through a
4.Red Sovine...Phantom 309
5.Norma Jean...Truck driving woman
6.C W McCall...Old home filler up keep
on truckin cafe
7.Willis Bros...Give me 40 acres
8.Dick Curless...Tombstone every mile
9.Slim Dusty...Lights on the hill
10.Dale Watson...Exit 109
11.Aaron Watson...East bound and down
12.Jack Clayton...Modern day Cowboy
13.Bill Weaver...I just drive
14.Gayle Oneil...Drive him crazy
15.Road Hammers...Willin
16.Tony Justice...Stars,stripes and white lines
17.Jayne Denham...Addicted to the diesel
18.Joey Holiday...Super truckers

Big Jerry's Truckstop Radio Show plays the best Truckin' and Highway songs of all time.If you are "Looking at the world through a winshield"Or Spend "Six day's on the road".Then Big Jerry plays the music you need to hear. being a former truck driver myself,I know I know it takes more then "Rolaids,Doans pills and preperation H" to make those Big Rigs roll.After spending twelve years at WERU-FM 89.9 Bluehill and 99.9 in Bangor Maine,I know what The concrete Cowboy wants to hear.Big Jerry's Truckstop is the fastest rolling show on the Radio.If you would like to request a favorite truck driving song please send me an email at Roll On.