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Mix Tape Radio International.

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Mix Tape Radio International

Hi, one and all, welcome. Here we will tell you a little more about us and to show what we  do and ask if you, would like to join our internet radio club.

Mixtape or in our case Mix Tape is part of the 7o' and 80's culture. I am not sure it should be confined to the Hip-Hop generation in the 80's as defined by Wlikipedia. The movie High Fidelity  shows it as a social tool across genre, this is how I remember it.

Radio, not in the traditional snese but in the sense that we broadcast on a wide platform for all to tune in if they chose.

International, simple by the power of the internet, avaiable anywhere to anybody unless locally restricted as in certain countries.

We here at MTRI welcome all cultures, langauges and genre of music.

We do not restrict ourselves to music but offer talk and educational oportunities.

Interested?

Our idea is to have an international community sharing their music, laguage and cultures. With music, the exchange of ideas and getting together during shows ion our FaceBook page, MTRI - Listeners

We are looking for more broadcasters to do exclusive live or recorded shows.

Idealy live, but that is not always possible. The equipment is not expensive as all you need to broadcast is a computer a mike and broadband service. We help with the setup and all the software is free.

You can broadcast from the comfort of your own home and reach your audience anywhere in the world via our station.

We are looking to grow and diversify with more languages and types of music and shows.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

"The DJ hasn't a clue!"

How often have you said that?

No more, once you are in the driving seat behind the mike.

"NO programs out there for you!"

​Get together with some friends or fly solo and  be the change.